CANEA ONE Open API - easier integration, better customization and increased benefits

Finally, we can present a requested additional product CANEA ONE Open API, for integration of CANEA ONE with other systems or applications. This means that those who so wish can integrate our management system into their existing computer environment. However, we will still have our integration service for those who prefer us taking care of it.

CANEA ONE Open API facilitates the integration of the CANEA ONE management system with other platforms and applications. It can be easily accessed via http protocols it's a so-called REST API for those familiar with the technology –  which enables seamless communication between the different parts of a computing environment. This simplifies the automation of workflows, improves collaboration, and makes it easier to develop your own customized solutions.


Benefits of CANEA ONE Open API in brief:   

  • Easier integration – it’s easy to integrate CANEA ONE with other systems or applications.  
  • Better customization – adapting user scenarios to specific needs makes it uncomplicated to accommodate different requests, which is of course positive for productivity. 
  • Increased utility – the increased functionality makes it easier to create new features or applications that extend existing use cases, or create new ones, thus increasing utility.  

However, CANEA ONE Open API doesn't just signify easier integration – its flexibility makes it easier to develop new services for both existing and new customers. Plus, our API offers an extra layer of security between your system, your users’ systems, and the rest of the internet.  

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