Reducing the cost of poor quality in the Automotive industry

Plasman generates annual savings, thanks to a powerful methodology and new competencies in improvement work. The company started its Lean journey a couple of years ago with the aim of ensuring the right focus and commitment from employees at all levels.

The Lean principles lead to a focus on customers, value creation and continuous improvement. To stay at the forefront, and be a top supplier in the Automotive sector in the long term, Plasman decided to gear up to be able to meet challenges and opportunities with the right methodology and focus.

Why combine Lean and Six Sigma?

To reinforce the broad concept of Lean, it can be beneficial to complement it with specialized expertise in Six Sigma. Individuals trained and certified in Six Sigma, can take on advanced improvement projects, as they have access to both a broader toolbox and an in-depth knowledge of change management.

”Combining Lean with Six Sigma has created a complete approach for us to drive business development with the right focus, skills and commitment, ranging from smaller improvement activities to advanced improvement efforts in project form. As a result, we cut costs in local processes and addressed root causes of major recurring problems in the organization."
Magnus Älmegran, Quality Director, Plasman


CANEA has supported Plasman with training, coaching and implementation of Lean Six Sigma through:

  • Customized workshops, seminars and training content for the management team, with the aim of building skills for prioritizing, coaching and managing improvement initiatives in the right way.
  • Customized, broad training initiatives for employees who drive improvement work at the local level − certified White Belts in Lean Six Sigma.
  • Training program for future improvement leaders who will spend a significant part of their working time driving improvement work in project form, as well as supporting groups at the local level with methodology and implementation of improvement work − certified Green Belts in Lean Six Sigma.
  • Advanced training programs for selected specialists in the organization who intend to drive larger, more complex improvement initiatives that require both deeper analysis and focused change leadership − certified Black Belts in Lean Six Sigma.

During their training, all candidates implemented projects in the organization to achieve measurable efficiency targets. They practiced the methodology and implementation while receiving coaching and support from CANEA.

What were the business benefits?

After starting the training program and carrying out the improvement initiatives, Plasman managed to generate large verified savings in just over one year. Several projects are still ongoing with further potential savings. In addition to the documented savings in completed projects, the company now has expertise in improvement work at all levels of the organization, and will thus be able to take on more initiatives in the future. Plasman has established a platform that enables further business opportunities and reduces quality deficiencies.

”We believe in training and consulting where we don't just provide answers, but coach and teach our clients to ask the right questions. In this way, we build the skills and ability of our clients to steer their businesses towards the challenges and opportunities of the future."

Mikael Göthager, Senior Management Consultant & Area Manager Operational Efficiency, CANEA.