Outlook add-in in CANEA ONE

Microsoft will launch a new version of Outlook in 2024, the new version of Outlook is currently not supported by the CANEA ONE Outlook add-in.

This means that if the new version of Outlook is activated, the function to attach an email to cases and/or projects in CANEA ONE by right-clicking, "Upload to project" or "Upload to case" will be disabled. "Upload to case" directly on the email in Outlook will no longer be available. However, it is still possible to attach files in the usual way to a case or project.

If this is an important feature for your users, you should not activate the new version of Outlook or distribute it to your end users.

We at CANEA are investigating the possibility of creating support for the new Outlook in the Outlook add-in and will return with more information about this in 2024.

Read more in the support portal.