Varberg Energi was looking for a complete solution and found CANEA ONE

When Varberg Energi realized that they had reached the end of the road when it came to information management on their intranet, the search began for an easy-to-use and effective overall solution.
A solution that could link the 
information to the business in such a clear way that it would be easy to find, for example, the documents that belong to a particular process.

Varberg Energi used to manage all information on its intranet, but over time this became increasingly unsustainable as it got harder and harder to control who owned it or whether it was even up to date.

– We had difficulties finding what we were looking for and had to spend a lot of time trying to find the latest version of the documents we were searching for. This happened every other month and often involved many people, each of whom had to search in their respective "quarters", says Maria Renman, organizational and business developer at Varberg Energi.

Effects sought and choice of system

Varberg Energi wanted a management system that makes it easy to find current information and where it is clear who owns a certain document and whether it is the latest version. It should also be possible to connect the information in a clearer way to the business, so that it becomes easier to find the documents that belong to a certain process, for example.

– We were therefore looking for an overall solution that could handle both documents, processes, and cases and, in the long run, perhaps also projects and strategies. The CANEA ONE management system met our requirements, and we therefore started a collaboration with CANEA at the beginning of 2022, says Maria.

The implementation

CANEA configured the management system together with Varberg Energi in May 2022, but Varberg Energi wanted to carry out the migration of data and fill the system with content themselves.

– We did the migration manually ourselves because we needed to go through exactly what information that needed to be transferred to the new system. There were almost three of us working full-time during the summer of 2022 and we plotted all the processes in CANEA ONE, for example.

The migration started at the end of June and continued a bit into July to finish in August. On September 1, the training of the users began and then the system was up and running.

– We had internal training for the users but received help with instructional videos from CANEA. We have also had administrator trainings for the system managers and those that took the training courses. 

”CANEA has incredibly competent and talented employees who made us feel very secure during the entire implementation process.” 

Maria Renman, organizational and operational developer, Varberg Energi

The resultat

CANEA ONE follows the structure of Varberg Energi's management system, which means that all information within the company has a given place, which in turn makes it easier for employees to find what they are looking for. In addition, they can be sure that the information is up-to-date, which is a great security for all users.

– When the employees started to use the system and discovered how easy it was to 
find what they were looking for, they realized the advantages of, for example, having the instructions for various processes and working methods in the system. There has been an urge to store more information in CANEA ONE.

– With hindsight, implementation and commissioning could not have been done very differently, according to Maria. Perhaps the configuration of a few document types could have been a bit more general, and it would not have been necessary to produce so many different variants.

– You think that you have certain requirements, when in fact it is about old ways of working that you have difficulties abandoning. But having said that, I still don't think we could have done it that much differently because it's people we're dealing with and it's a process to change one's way of working. Changes must be implemented step by step if acceptance is to be achieved.

Varberg Energi in short

Varberg got its first power plant as early as 1890, six years after Gothenburg, which was the first in the country, but two years before Stockholm got Brunkebergsverket. In 1902, the city received electric lighting. The business today includes electricity grids, gas, district heating and broadband services. By 2021, Varberg Energi had been climate-neutral for 30 years and fossil-free for one year. They have 100 % biogas in the gas network and 39 wind turbines. The company has 120 employees.

Varberg Energi is work environment certified according to OHSAS 18001:2007 and according to AFS 2001:1 and certified in terms of social responsibility according to ISO 26000. In other respects, it is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.