Loads of ice cream from SIA Glass with CANEA ONE

SIA Glass in Slöinge has grown steadily in recent years. In 2023, the factory expanded with three new canning lines, a line for sticks & cones, brand-new semi-product tanks and a new palletizing system. But the growth of the business, and the addition of new machines, also meant that the document management system had to be expanded with new operating instructions. Since 2018, CANEA ONE has been used to manage both documents and processes.

SIA Glass is doing very well, selling more than forecast every month. The company works mainly with Swedish raw materials, and one of the new products in 2023 was a strawberry ice cream.

We thought at first that everyone sells strawberry ice cream, but apparently our consumers have been missing that flavor in our range because it broke all records! The strawberries are grown nearby, at Stora Berg, which is five kilometers from the factory. We had to call them to make sure they could deliver even more this year. Luckily, they had acreage they could set aside for us, says Elisabeth Janver, Quality Manager at SIA Glass.


More and more employees use CANEA ONE

When Elisabeth joined SIA Glass in 2021, it was clear that CANEA ONE was the former quality manager's system.

– There were two people in the quality department who entered and approved all the documents, as they were the ones who could find them in the system, Elisabeth recalls and continues:

I've been here for three years now and worked hard to get CANEA ONE into the organization. We're not there yet, but it's much better. We have created good start pages, with the help of CANEA Process, so that staff can find their documents more easily. I feel that more and more employees are getting familiar with the system and find their way to relevant documents better and better.


Organized document management

The sister company Berte Qvarn started using CANEA Document at the end of 2023 and both companies now use the same system. When Berte Qvarn in the fall of 2023 was in the starting blocks to introduce the system, they took the opportunity to talk to CANEA's consultants at the CANEA User Conference 2023.

We received important input in terms of preparation, which made it go very smoothly once we started building the system. Then, of course, it is very inspiring to hear how other companies use the system, especially the modules we do not use. Gothenburg Roro's use of the workflow module has made us think twice about whether we should start using it.

Staff have been trained to find their way around CANEA Document and not to print out physical documents unnecessarily. They are currently considering whether to introduce read receipts for some and whether to send out reminders every year or every two years to those who own a document to update it.

 – It is a symptom of the fact that we are only now starting to use the system fully. As a quality manager, I do not have the opportunity to go through thousands of documents to see what needs to be updated. It must be automated so that those who have produced the documents keep them up to date.


CANEA Document

Elisabeth Janver, who until fall 2023 was self-taught on the system, has realized that she has only learned a fraction of all the functionality available in CANEA ONE.

– My call to new users is, therefore, to take help from CANEA in the start-up phase, so that they really learn the system and can do most things themselves. Learning how to configure and fully use CANEA ONE is a strength. Once you know how to do it, you don't need much help.

During the implementation at Berte Qvarn, Elisabeth received a lot of help from CANEA's consultant, which was very helpful as she had previously had to figure out how to do things herself.

– It has been very good to have a few sessions with CANEA to really learn the system. Then you never get fully learned, but I have learned a lot in the last six months!


CANEA ONE modules used

SIA Glass and Berte Qvarn use the following modules:

I think it works very well. I have some other systems to compare with from previous employers and I think CANEA ONE is flexible and has a lot of functionality.”

Elisabeth Janver, Head of Quality, SIA Glass


About SIA Glass in short

The Berte Group, which includes SIA Glass and Berte Qvarn, has a turnover of SEK 1 billion. SIA Glass has 20 % of the market for Swedish-produced ice cream and uses predominantly Swedish-produced raw materials. The owner directive states that all production should take place in Slöinge.