Fortum Recycling & Waste’s use of CANEA ONE: One system three countries

As a multinational company working within the waste management industry, Fortum Recycling & Waste needed a system for EHSQ-management that could digitize all their workflows and documentation while showing the right information in the right language to the right person. The answer to that need was CANEA ONE.

Fortum Recycling & Waste is a business area within Fortum Group, operating in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. The company primarily operates in the waste management industry and offers sustainable solutions for recycling and clean energy production as well as handling and final storage of hazardous waste.

One system for EHSQ-management

The nature of the industry means that environmental as well as health and safety aspects are crucial, and that Fortum Recycling & Waste need to have an efficient system to manage and improve those aspects. The company’s ability to manage and improve activities related to health, safety and the environment is a major determinant of its competitiveness, and is something that is required by customers, according to Oili Riutta, EHSQ Specialist at Fortum Recycling & Waste.

Fortum Recycling & Waste currently has operations in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. Before the company made the switch to CANEA ONE, EHSQ-management, that is, management of environmental, health, safety, and quality aspects, was conducted in three different systems. One system for the operations in each country.

Three main challenges

To accomplish the company goal of three unified regions, with the same standards for environmental, health, safety and quality improvements, a move from three different systems to one was needed. The main challenges Fortum Recycling & Waste faced using the old systems were:

  • Difficulties getting an overview of how the operations in each country were run.
  • A lack of a central information hub for collecting and managing company-wide directives.
  • An absence of an efficient system for overseeing and learning from incidents and near misses occurring in different countries. 

CANEA ONE, the best candidate

Four candidates were considered for replacing the three systems and after connecting with an existing CANEA ONE customer the decision was final. CANEA ONE was chosen mainly because of its proficiency in handling multiple languages but also because of the functions available in the Document module and the modularity of the Workflow module. Fortum Waste Solutions began implementing CANEA ONEs Workflow module at the end of 2017 and the Document module at the beginning of 2018. Today CANEA ONE is used both for developing and approving documents from a lifecycle perspective as well as managing cases, workflows, and activities such as incidents, customer complaints and safety hazards.

CANEA ONE solved the challenges present in Fortum’s previous system setup by providing one system that, according to Oili Riutta, enables the company to:

  • Show information in accordance with each employee’s area of responsibility, allowing managers to get an overview of operations in all countries while maintaining a simple and user-friendly interface for the average employee.
  • Administer company-wide directives and standards centrally and have them being presented in the preferred language of each employee, allowing for the organization to be run in an efficient and uniform way.
  • Get an overview of and learn from incidents and near misses occurring in all countries, enabling facilities in different countries to learn from each other and hopefully develop better ways of working to ensure that less incidents occur in the future.

Plans of adopting a new approach to process management

Fortum Recycling & Waste has since started using CANEA ONE acquired two more companies that both have been incorporated into the system. The next step in the company’s use of CANEA ONE is to implement the Process module as a way of adopting an even more structured approach to process m