CANEA ONE provides significant support for Trensums Food

Food manufacturer Trensums Food is in an expansive phase and the pressure on the production lines is considerable. At the same time, the requirements for quality and safety are high. CANEA ONE is an important tool for production – every day.

71 years ago Trensums Foods started out as a small cider brewery in the village of Trensum in Blekinge, Sweden. Now the business is located in Tingsryd in the province of Småland and the company has grown considerably. Today, Trensums Food is a successful contract manufacturer with orders from both Swedish and international customers. More than half of the products leave Sweden.

Trensums Food manufactures liquid and semi-liquid foods such as sauces, soups, drinks, jams and condiments. The variation is large and the common denominator is liquid texture. More than 150 people are involved in production and operations are in an expanding phase. This is largely due to a high and growing demand for plant based beverages.

The processes include, pasteurisation, sterile filtration, Ultra-high temperature processing (UHT), enzyme and homogenisation. The products can be filled hot or cold, and packaged according to each customer’s specific requirements and wishes.

Trensums Food has a special ability to find solutions that work for every individual customer’s wishes and product. We work closely with our customers, says Sofie Villman, quality and environmental manager at Trensums Food.

System support from CANEA ONE

The quality and environmental department works with controls from a quality standpoint, but also with interior and exterior environmental management.
”We have a role in supporting production and translating customer specifications and requests into parameters to be implemented by the production line”, says Sofie Villman, quality and environmental manager at Trensums Food.

She continues: ”We develop limit values and set production guidelines to adhere to, ensuring that we will produce a product that in the end will meet customers’ high requirements. We also have a laboratory checking the final product. The department’s work also includes checks, audits and work on deviations.”

CANEA ONE is an important tool in day-to-day operations which is based on the BRC food standard, a global food standard to ensure quality and food safety in production and handling.

Trensums Food has named the CANEA ONE system - Foqus. It handles control documents, processes and checklists, among other things. They also use CANEA ONE’s case module for controlling processes for, workplace health and safety deviations, complaints, audits and quality deviations.

Continued development of Foqus Trensums Food has been a satisfied customer for many years.

”CANEA ONE is a great match for the company. Having document and deviation management in the same system is a major advantage. The BRC food standard requires that there are documented routines, updates take place in a certain order and a certain number of people/roles are involved in the review as well as approval process. Reading receipts means we always know who has reviewed the documents”, says Sofie Villman.

Document management for control and support documents, such as checklists and journals, guarantee that there is only one single version and an automatic reminder is sent via email when it’s time to review the documents that are in the system.

”Foqus is easy-to-use, self-instructing and an important aid in our daily work”, says Sofie Villman.

”Now we can learn how to become even better administrators. We will be conducting in-house training for other departments where we go through the most important functions. Moreover, we have created an internal group that regularly meets to analyse what works well and what we could develop further”, she says and finally adds: ”We have a good dialogue with CANEA and are receiving ongoing suggestions on how we can work more actively with the system In the future.”