Partner Conference in Gothenburg
On August 21 - 24, it was once again time for our annual international conference for CANEA partners and our subsidiaries in the US and Denmark.

The weather was sunny and both participants and presenters contributed to a very interesting and lively conference at our headquarters in Gothenburg. 

We talked about CANEA's new Open API, the future of Business Management Systems, the impact of AI, marketing strategies, and best practices for managing large and complex implementation projects. Gothenburg RoRo, one of our oldest customers, had a much-appreciated presentation where they showed how CANEA ONE is an integral part of their daily operations and how it has helped them save significant amounts of money and prevent accidents.

And what would a conference be without the opportunity to get to know each other, exchange experiences, see the city, and enjoy some of its best restaurants?

We are very grateful for the opportunity to host our partners, international colleagues, and some customers, and we look forward to next year's event.