Borås Energy & Environment manages their business using CANEA ONE

More effective and common ways of working, increased customer focus and a clear direction towards the overall mission and strategies: Borås Energy and Environment ended up at a stage where they needed to develop a business system. After implementing CANEA ONE, Borås Energy and Environment now have a uniform system that supports the entire business with a clear path from strategy to operations.

Background and needs

Borås Energy and Environment’s initial need was a document and case management system. However, they quickly realized that creating a management system for quality, environment and work without IT support is an impossible task. The desire was to have a system that would be accessible and useful to all employees throughout the organization. In addition, the system also needed to be efficient, easy to manage and meet all the requirements for document management as specified in different ISO standards. Finally, the system should be able to visualize the processes in order to clarify and improve customer focus. The choice fell on CANEA ONE and with its flexible configuration, ease of use and simplicity in achieving goals CANEA ONE have had a positive impact throughout the organization.

Continuous improvements and flexibility saves time and money

– With CANEA I experience many benefits like the continuous improvements of the system and the constant development of useful capabilities. We appreciate that there is an efficient knowledge transfer within the company. For example, we appreciate that CANEA IT project managers have insights within operations management and they are all very responsive to customer needs. The system is flexible and, for instance, very useful in managing our many workflows. We have also discovered that the system can be utilized in many more aspects than we initially considered, which has been very positive benefit. Additionally, it creates great value with its administration and design which let us being able to manage and change the configuration by ourselves without the involvement of our IT department, says Gunnel Svantesson, Quality Director, Borås Energy and Environment.

Leveraging existing platform and easy to learn

After implementing CANEA ONE it was noticeable that there was one area that lacked IT support, namely strategy. Borås Energy and Environment had defined an area for improvement in clarifying the connection between strategy and daily operations and, hence, a need for a solution linking it all together. However, there was significant resistance in the organization to acquire yet another system but when CANEA ONE introduced support for strategy, Borås Energy and Environment could leverage their existing platform and get a comprehensive Business Management System. Now all the parts in CANEA ONE works natively on the same platform providing a common, easy-to-use and visual experience from strategy down to daily operations.

Align your strategy with daily operations to achieve your goals

– With CANEA ONE, we ensure that our daily business activities are in-line with the strategy. I was convinced right away when I saw how well the system integrates goal setting with the daily work in projects and processes. The system help us to get more involvement from our employees regarding our strategy, but above all, a clear path and concrete ways of working which will further increase the chances of us reaching our goals, says Gunnar Peters, CEO, Borås Energy and Environment

Standards based and flexibility over customizations

Since CANEA ONE is a standard based solution that offers flexible configuration, Borås Energy and Environment today has a clarity in their way of working. Where procedures and instructions were previously difficult and time consuming to locate, it has now become easy for users to find relevant information by a simple search or directly on their dashboard. Thanks to an efficient case management process, there is always access to relevant documentation and reliable facts. Now, when Borås Energy and Environment also have a clear link between strategy and daily operations, their ability to reach their goals have improved thanks to a clear and visual dashboard. The user-friendly system has visualized the strategy throughout the company allowing a good understanding for each employee on how their actions have an impact on the overall strategy, and, as such, how they can contribute to the overall success of the organization.

About Borås Energy and Environment:
Borås Energy and Environment is part of Boras City Hall AB, which is fully owned by the City of Borås. The annual turnover of about 1 billion MSEK and have over 310 employees. Borås Energy and Environment are certified in quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001) and health and safety OHSAS (18001) and are operating within; waste and recycling, water and wastewater, energy services, biogas and district heating.