Improved quality outcome by 30 percent

With CANEA, Alfa Quality Moving reviewed processes and governance.

Alfa Quality Moving, the largest provider of mobility and assignment services i Scandinavia, had several years of good growth behind them. They were confident about the future, seeing a great potential for continued growth. At the same time, the management realized the need to create clear structures for managing the business, as it grew. As a result, the board decided to review the processes and governance of the company together with CANEA.

”The benefit of this was absolutely crucial for us, we would never have reached where we are today if we had not had the process-driven management system in place. There is nothing like it in the industry. The quality outcome has improved by 30%. The staff are much more confident in their roles today; they know how to act and can start from the time axis, as it now matches the business. Overtime and workload has also been reduced. The work we have done together with CANEA has clear links to the positive financial outcome we have. In the beginning, the employees were questioning it, but when it became clear to them that it was their own everyday life that would be made more efficient, they became more and more committed. They have taken it very well. The ownership of the processes is really distributed throughout the enterprise; the processes are alive in the company in an excellent way."

 Kenneth Egelrud, CEO, Alfa Quality Moving


Today the company is process-driven and has been for some years. The journey was intense and exciting, and the results are fantastic.


”Without CANEA's efforts, we would not have been able to do it. They have contributed with a completely different way of looking at our organization and our work methods. We have benefited greatly from CANEA's methods, expertise and ability to put the whole thing together. We still work with CANEA and can definitely recommend them."

Kenneth Egelrud, CEO, Alfa Quality Moving