Four Essential Pillars of Confident Leadership

Leadership is an ever-evolving journey, whether you're a seasoned team leader or just embarking on the challenge. Reflecting on your leadership style is crucial, considering its impact on both your immediate team and the entire organization.

Feeling confident in your role also creates security for those around you, and we all know that when employees feel secure, they can perform at their best and reach their full potential. I have therefore collected some of my reflections over the years on what I consider to be important pillars of secure leadership.

1. Role model

A leader serves as a potent culture carrier within an organization. Their behavior in various situations leaves a lasting impression. Recognizing the influence of diverse environmental factors on employee performance, a confident leader stands up for their team, reflecting values that inspire collaboration and mutual support.

2. Visionary

In today's dynamic business landscape, a leader with a clear vision is indispensable. Embracing change and complexity, such a leader empowers their team to do the same. Inspiring your team to achieve set goals fosters a mindset where nothing is impossible. Authenticity in conveying individual impact on shared team and organizational goals is key.

3. Enabling

A leader's crucial task is to establish optimal conditions for the team to tackle challenges. Confidence in delegation and trust in team competence is vital. Entrusting tasks entirely to team members instills a sense of ownership, enhancing engagement and impact on results.

4. Feedback

Growing confidence in leadership underscores the importance of feedback. While it's easy to get caught up in the present, occasional reflection on past performance provides clarity for future directions. A feedback-oriented leader not only engages with individual team members but also dedicates time to assess overall team performance. Acknowledging the significance of receiving feedback ensures continuous improvement in leadership.





Kristian Guander
Management consultant

With 12 years of experience in HR, leading Talent Management and culture at KappAhl, Kristian now heads the Leadership area at CANEA. Besides his role as the area manager, Kristian serves as a senior consultant in customized assignments, specializing in change management and leadership development.