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A view on international business management 2021

Introducing Kennet Larsson, a senior partner of the firm and a highly valued member of our international business development team. In this interview, Kennet will tell us a little bit about himself, his views on working with business management internationally and what part CANEA ONE can play in today’s pandemic-struck business climate.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at CANEA.

Since March last year I work with the international partner recruitment at CANEA for our Quality Management System (QMS), CANEA ONE, searching for suitable companies to collaborate with on local markets around the world. With partners already in Denmark, Germany, Russia, South Africa, the UK, and the US, we hope to even further strengthen our collaborations internationally to aid our customers in different regions. Before embarking on the journey with the international department I managed the Stockholm office of CANEA between 2013 and 2019. Previously I have also had positions within international sales at a number of different companies, which is of great advantage in my role today.

What is the biggest challenge working internationally with business management?

Listening to needs and expectations is always important, but I think even more so when working with different individuals from different business cultures. Also, due to covid-19 restrictions, all international cooperation has been online lately, which means that the detail in communication needs to be given extra care. However, the current situation is also an opportunity for us to help customers adapt to the distributed work environment, which is something CANEA ONE can manage well. Together with our partners we can also be closer to our customers, catching market trends and fully understand the challenges on the local market, to give the best possible support in times like these.

What does the future hold for the international work?

We hope to further strengthen our relationship with our current partners, but also find new collaborations. This will enable us to continue the development of the relationships with our customers on a global scale. When the pandemic is over, we also hope to once again meet both our partners and customers in person.

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