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Varberg Energi chooses CANEA ONE

We want to welcome Varberg Energi as a new CANEA ONE customer. They will use an IT-solution consisting of three CANEA ONE modules; CANEA Document, CANEA Process och CANEA Workflow, to manage information linked to the organization's management system. varberg_energi_logo


Varberg Energi is an energy and IT group, located on the west coast of Sweden. Their business areas are electricity, district heating, gas, energy optimization, broadband, internet services, and energy solutions such as charging infrastructure and solar cell packages.

Varberg Energi's dedication to the environment has led them to invest into production of renewable energy of their own. As a electricity supplier they act under the VIVA, only selling power produced with the renewable sources, wind, water and sun.

The need for a management system that would consist of fully integrated modules for managing strategies, projects, resources, processes, cases, and documents made them choose CANEA ONE. The system also needed to:

  • enable easy access to information
  • be up to date
  • enable clear division of responsibilities
  • fulfill current legal requirements
  • enable more efficient improvement work
  • create overview of processes
  • simplify for the end-user

“We have chosen CANEA One because we see that this management system covers our requirements in many ways and can be adapted relatively easily and sufficiently to the business processes. We also have great confidence in CANEA's expertise and support in the areas of our modules. ” - Maria Renman, Project manager at Varberg Energi