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An update from our partner business in Gothenburg

Our Director of international channels, Per-Olof, gives a glimpse into the international partner operations in Gothenburg. In this interview, he will tell us a little bit about himself and his thoughts on working with international business development during the pandemic.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at CANEA.

At CANEA I am responsible for international business, focusing on our partner network. We see great potential in leveraging our success on the Scandinavian market internationally. We do this through our partner network. This means that our success is tied to our partners' success, so my colleagues and I are here to support our partners in any way possible to make them successful in their region. This includes support during customer meetings, contract negotiations, marketing, and strategy planning, as well as participation during local events. We also ensure that our partners get all the support that they need during the deployment project. All in all, I would describe it as being an advocate for CANEA’s international collaborations. I joined CANEA in 2016 when I moved back home to Sweden, after living in Canada and the US for sixteen years. All my working life I have been within IT sales. Starting out at EHPT (an Ericsson company) meant a lot of international traveling on all continents from the very beginning, which is something that has continued ever since.

CANEA ONE has been available globally since 2015. What is the biggest difference between working nationally and internationally with the business management system?

We can see that there are different requirements on different markets. CANEA ONE is a standardized product with many customers globally, which gives us a lot of input on how to improve the solution. Hence, defining and prioritizing what should be included in the roadmap is a challenge for our Product Management team, to consider all our customers’ needs. We are working with our partners on defining and monitoring the needs of the customers locally, as well as efforts to reach even more customers in need of a user-friendly management system, like CANEA ONE.

What challenges and opportunities do you think come with the physical barriers and the “new” digital era?

I have been traveling globally all my working life so the last year has been quite a change and a challenge. The main challenge, in my view, is when you are building a new relationship either with a new partner or a customer. Not being able to meet in person makes the process longer and it needs some more effort to build the same level of trust and understanding. Once that is established, I do believe it is business as usual.

However, spending less time in airports and on airplanes does save you a lot of time and makes you more available which does benefit the overall work. Since we are a global organization with partners on most continents, much of our work was already digital. But we did meet in person on a regular basis, both on-site and during our annual conference, and I think it is difficult to recreate the energy, creativity, and discussions that occur when you are all gathered in person.

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