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The Sea Rescue Society chooses CANEA ONE

We are pleased to welcome the Swedish Sea Rescue Society as a new customer. The organization will use our CANEA ONE module, CANEA Workflow, to streamline the work and management of wills.

The Swedish Maritime Rescue Society (SSRS) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with 74 rescue stations and more than 260 rescue units. Thanks to 2,300 volunteer crew members, rescue services are always available 24 hours a day anywhere along the Swedish coast and on the major lakes.

In addition to gifts, donations and membership fees, wills are an important part of the business's survival. In order to streamline the handling of wills, the SSRS has chosen the CANEA ONE module, CANEA Workflow. Workflow will help SSRS manage all wills according to standardized working methods that can evolve according to future needs. The module will also provide a good overview and follow-up of all wills and simplify communication with external parties.

We are proud to have the opportunity to work with an organization with such an important purpose as SSRS and are really looking forward to the collaboration. – Sven Krig, CANEA.