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New release – CANEA ONE 2019.1

We have just launched CANEA ONE 2019.1. In this version, we introduce CANEA Process on a new technical platform that is not dependent on MS Silverlight. We have also worked with performance enhancing measures, modernization of technology and some new highly anticipated features. Here we summarize the main news in CANEA ONE 2019.1.

CANEA Process is built on a new technical platform.

The application will run as a program on the user's local computer, without any installation required in advance. Activation is based on a technology called Click-Once, which is supported by most browsers. Click-Once is native for Microsoft-based Web browser and via "plugin" for other supported browsers.

Keep track of your KPIs directly via the home page

"My measurements" is a new Web part for the home page. Using this, you can easily monitor the status of those metrics that are relevant to you.

Follow up processes with analyses in Process dashboard

With this new feature, you can easily add analyses from projects or cases to the process dashboard. This gives you the possibility to monitor your processes live on the dashboard.

Want to know more about the latest release?

During April we will continue to publish information about CANEA ONE 2019.1 so please reach out to your local contact for additional information or a demo.