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Operational Efficiency & Management System

- Part of CANEA Business Excellence

Make your organisation more efficient. Time after time.

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We create and develop effective working methods using the management system and systematic improvement. This is confirmed by measurable results. So, the change is permanent.

Efficiency is not a one-off phenomenon. Working methods need to be constantly developed to be even more efficient.

In order to achieve real effects, a management system is required as the foundation, and then systematic improvement. Only then can you be sure that change in the organisation will remain ongoing. Our systematic approach is adapted to the circumstances and needs of your organisation.

High efficiency provides increased profitability - and more satisfied customers

Efficiency is about doing the right things, and doing them extremely well. Achieving this takes time and requires a structured process on many different levels. We create efficiency by combining the right methodology, skills and tools. Our efficiency work provides:
A high level of target achievement
Committed employees
High customer satisfaction
Increased profitability

For more than 20 years we have helped businesses to improve. Do you want to know what we can do for you?


Our components for creating efficiency

Operational Efficiency & Management Systems is a complete concept that consists of various components. These key components are important factors for successful efficiency work.
Integrated management systems
Business analysis
Process development
Audits and investigations
Improvement work
Enterprise Architecture
Six Sigma
Value stream mapping

Some of our customers

We have over the years helped hundreds of organizations to a more profitable and efficient business.