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Management Systems

Ensure that things are done correctly and avoid problems – through appropriate control and support.

The purpose of Management systems is to help the organization, so that it can meet the needs and requirements placed on the business. Different stakeholders have different requirements and needs.

Owners want high returns, customers want high quality, employees want a good working environment, the outside world wants low environmental impact and high responsibility. The management system must ensure that this is achieved in an efficient manner.

The purpose of a management system is to contribute to a business that:

1) Do the right things ...
2) ... do it the right way ...
3) ... and meets the requirements of the stakeholders

Therefore, the structure and content of the system need to be based on this at all times. Above all, it should be easy to use!

Our setup gives you an easy-to-use blueprint to achieve the above. This creates structural control with appropriate support for those who perform the operational work, and creates efficiency in the operations.

Effective management systems always create value and more satisfied stakeholders

We create and implement efficient working methods together with our customers. Therefore, the change will be permanent. The work creates management systems that are based on the business's strategy and lay the foundation for an efficient organization. This creates management systems that meet:
ISO 9001 for quality
ISO 14001 for the environment
ISO 27001 for information security
ISO 26000 for sustainability
IATF 16949, AS 9100, ISO 13485, etc. for industry-specific requirements
Applicable legislative and industry requirements

For more than 25 years, we have helped companies improve. Do you want to know what we can do for you?


CANEA helps our customers achieve

  • We make the journey from a system that is perceived as "a necessary evil to get the certificate" to an organization that understands how it helps everyone to contribute to the strategic direction.

  • We go from trouble, friction and fire brigades to a higher efficiency in the business through an improved interaction in the internal processes and a holistic view of the value flows.

  • We move from a complex system that no one uses to a management system that is easy to use, where the content is easily accessible, and creates value in everyday life.

  • We do not build systems that are sluggish and cement poor working methods. Instead we create an approach that drives improvements and development. We give you the ability to handle an ever-changing world.

  • We do not run projects as an ever-ending story. We use effective development and implementation based on involvement and participation with professional support. It gives a better return on investment.

  • Instead of an uncertainty about how the requirements are to be interpreted and handled, we give you a reliable fulfillment of requirements based on best practice adapted to the business, which leads to more satisfied customers and stakeholders.

Our components for efficient Management systems

Management systems is a complete concept that consists of various components. We combine selected components for an optimal solution tailored to your needs.
Integrated management systems
Gap-analyses and maturity analyses
Quality management systems
Environmental management system
Work environment management systems
Enterprise Architecture
Information security
Customer journeys
Change management
Process development
Risk management and crisis management
Systematic improvement work

Some of our customers

We have over the years helped hundreds of organizations to a more profitable and efficient business.