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Management Systems

Ensuring that things are done correctly and that problems are avoided – through appropriate control and support.

The purpose of a management system is to help the organization meet the needs and requirements placed on the business by stakeholders. Different stakeholders have different requirements and needs.

Owners want high returns, customers want high quality, employees want a good working environment and the outside world want low environmental impact and high social responsibility. The management system must ensure that all these aspects are achieved in an efficient manner.

The purpose of a management system is to ensure that a business:

1) Do the right things ...
2) ... do it the right way ...
3) ... and meets the requirements of the stakeholders

The structure and the contents of a management system should be built around these three main functions and should above all be designed with ease of use in mind.

Our setup gives you an easy-to-use blueprint, enabling you to achieve the above as well as to create structural control with appropriate support for those who perform the operational work and create efficiency in daily operations.

An effective management system creates value and satisfied stakeholders

We create and implement efficient working methods in collaboration with our customers as a means of making sure that changes become permanent. The work that we do creates a management system that is based on our customer's strategy and lays the groundwork for their organization to work efficiently. We create management systems that meet:
ISO 9001 for quality
ISO 14001 for the environment
ISO 27001 for information security
ISO 26000 for sustainability
IATF 16949, AS 9100, ISO 13485, etc. for industry-specific requirements
Applicable legislative and industry requirements

For more than 25 years, we have helped companies improve. Do you want to know what we can do for you?


CANEA helps our customers achieve

  • Company-wide understanding of how the management system contributes to the company’s strategic direction, avoiding the system being perceived as a necessary evil to get certificates.

  • Higher efficiency by improving the interaction between internal processes and by providing an overview over value streams, reducing the risk that problems and friction emerge.

  • A management system that creates value for employees by being easy to use and having the right information accessible, replacing the old complex system that no one uses.

  • A management system that allows your organization to be adaptable and continue to improve and develop, reducing the risk of becoming a stagnant organization where poor working methods are maintained.

  • Effective project development and implementation based on involvement and participation with professional support. Providing a better return on investment.

  • More satisfied customers and stakeholders by providing reliable fulfillment of requirements based on best practice, avoiding uncertainty about how the requirements are to be interpreted and handled.

Our components for efficient Management systems

Creating a management system is a complex process, consisting of multiple necessary steps and components. We combine and select components to create an optimal solution tailored to your specific needs.
Integrated management systems
Gap-analyses and maturity analyses
Quality management systems
Environmental management system
Work environment management systems
Enterprise Architecture
Information security
Customer journeys
Change management
Process development
Risk management and crisis management
Systematic improvement work

Some of our customers

We have over the years helped hundreds of organizations to a more profitable and efficient business.