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Workflow Management

Workflow management - eliminate time wastage! Find your company's hidden potential for improvement through streamlining and automating administrative processes and case flows.

All organisations handle different types of cases that involve several people, departments and processes before they are completed. The larger the organisation, the larger the risk for communication problems and other quality non-conformities. If communication is oral it easily leads to misunderstandings. If the case is not documented correctly, it is easy for information about specific cases to be lost.

A case management system is a complete solution whose goal is to streamline and coordinate the production flow, collaborative processes and administrative flows of different types. The case management engine in the system, which handles the flow of cases, ensures that responsibility and all relevant information in a case always reaches the right person at the right time.


There are often major opportunities for improvements in an organisation's different administrative processes. The most common driving forces to use solutions for case management are:

  • Increased productivity through streamlining of the process.
  • Elimination of waiting times and delays.
  • Reduced costs through lower resource consumption.
  • Quality improvements such as improved precision, consistent action and adherence to time limits.
  • Increased customer service through easily available information.
  • Facilitates process improvements.
  • Increased control over processes through monitoring and follow up.

Use areas

Examples of processes and case flows with major potential for streamlining:

  • Deviation management
  • Improvement work
  • Complaint management
  • Incident management
  • Audit management
  • Safety rounds
  • Support and service
  • ITIL
  • Purchasing
  • HR/recruitment

CANEA has considerable experience in improving and developing customer-unique processes in connection with the introduction of a case management solution. We also have a comprehensive template library with ready-to-use flows for the most common processes.

CANEA ONE is an integrated program family which includes solutions for managing business information such as goals, projects, documents, processes, cases and other data.

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