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Deviation Management

Deviation management - opportunities for improvement! The basis for successful management of deviations is built on simple reporting, an effective flow and clear follow-up.

Common problems in work with deviations include faulty reporting, deviations that "fall between stools" due to unclear responsibility and time-consuming data collection and compilation. To assess a company's quality non-conformity costs and to remedy these in a structured way is not something many succeed in doing. An effective IT solution for systematically collecting, remedying and following up deviations gives the opportunity for significant savings!

The key to success within deviation management often lies not just in being good at "fire fighting" but also in introducing effective long-term solutions. This is where IT support can help you to prioritise and control the process towards the right type of remedies.

Advantages of CANEA's solution for deviation management

Our solution for deviation management includes the following advantages:

  • Simple reporting that encourages reporting.
  • Quality assured and effective work flows adapted to your needs.
  • Clear responsibility in the process.
  • Automated feedback.
  • Follow up and production of statistics made simple.
  • Experience-bank function.

The deviation management process

The basis for good management of deviations is a working method which is adapted to the organisation's needs in terms of issues such as resources, activities, flows, information and key performance indicators. CANEA has many years of experience in designing and optimising deviation processes.

Experience from deviation management

To get started with deviation management it is important to clearly demonstrate the benefit for all interested parties, to facilitate reporting and at the same time to ensure that the IT support gives feedback to the employees. A good idea is to draw up clear goals and measurement figures, for example, in terms of lead times and costs, which are reviewed regularly.

Use areas

Example of application areas:

  • Process and production deviations.
  • Supplier deviations/8D.
  • Audit deviations.
  • 8D reports.
  • Medical deviations (e.g. Lex Maria).
  • CAPA.

CANEA ONE is an integrated program family which includes solutions for managing business information such as goals, projects, documents, processes, cases and other data.

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