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Complaint Management

Complaint management - nurture and retain customers! Properly functioning management of complaints is critical for good customer relationships and reduced costs.

Management of complaints is a costly process that takes resources from both you and the customer. There is a lot of information that must be handled, together with the work flow of activities, such as customer contact, registration of the complaint, investigation of the case, material return, internal remedies, customer credit and sometimes even contact with suppliers.

It is often during transfers between activities in the complaints process that there is a risk of problems occurring and the complexity of the process means that the case can sometimes go "the wrong way". Ultimately it is the customer who is affected as they do not receive answers and remedies on time.

The business case for complaints management

A solution for complaints management creates the right conditions for effective management of complaints cases through the whole flow and supports feedback and continuous dialogue with the customer throughout the year. This contributes in the long run to a reduced risk of losing the customer. In addition, costs are reduced for the actual management of complaints through the automated case flow that also facilitates transfers and collects all information into a single place.

By systematically documenting complaints, the products/services concerned, where the complaint occurred, the root cause and the cost of the complaint, the organisation obtains extremely valuable knowledge. This knowledge, together with lessons from previous complaints, can be used to take relevant and lasting corrective measures, which result in reducing the number of errors and ultimately in a reduced total cost for complaints management within the organisation.

Complaints process

The basis for good management of complaints is a working method which is adapted to the organisation's needs in terms of issues such as actors, activities, process flows, information and key performance indicators. CANEA has long experience of designing complaints processes.

The five foundation stones of complaints management

There are five key components in complaints management:

  • Automated flow.
  • Feedback to the customer.
  • External involvement (resellers/suppliers/customers).
  • Security.
  • Integration with CRM/ERP.

Use areas

A solution for complaints management can be used, for example, for external and internal complaints, supplier complaints and for customer comments and complaints.

How does CANEA solve complaint management?

CANEA ONE is an integrated program family which includes solutions for managing business information such as goals, projects, documents, processes, cases and other data.

The CANEA Workflow module is designed to manage and follow up complaints through:

  • Simple reporting.
  • Automated flow.
  • Feedback to the customer.
  • Clear overview/status.
  • Prioritisation and weighting.
  • Alert and emergency functions.
  • External users (e.g. suppliers and customers).
  • A built-in diagram tool for follow-up.

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