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We are a training company and as a natural part of the introduction of IT solutions we offer our customers training and education, adapted for the occation.

Training ensures that those who work with the tools have the necessary knowledge to fully exploit the functions and properties of the system in the best possible way. Our aim and ambition is, of course, to use logical system design and intuitive interfaces to minimise the need for training for all target groups, both for occasional users and for those who use the system daily.

We have a number of different training courses to offer. We also offer training adapted to your own configuration even for simpler introductions:

  • User training
    Depending on the configuration and product, a training course can run from half a day to two days. User training contains theory mingled with real case studies intended to teach the product's essential functions.

  • Super-user training
    In addition to pure user training we also provide specialised training courses for so-called "Super-users". These should be internal ambassadors and people who find it easiest to take on new ways of working. The training varies in length depending on the configuration and product.

  • Administrator training
    This training type is for administrators who need to acquire a more profound knowledge of administration and technology. To have one or several internal resources who can configure the system, create templates and simultaneously have a more in-depth understanding of the products is an advantage in being entirely independent with the system.