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Operation of our solutions can take place on your own server (internally) or by letting us take care of the operation over the Internet (SaaS). We help you to choose solution!

We help you to choose the solution that suits your business the best!

Self-operation (internal)

Your own operation means that the organisation itself is responsible for the hardware and software required to use the solution. The organisation is also responsible for backup and support.

Program maintenance gives access to all new versions of our solutions. Updates can be installed quickly and simply by us if we have access to your server, for example, via remote access.

Our customers often choose to install the software both in a test environment and a production environment. In this way they are sure that all new versions function as they should before they are used in the production environment.

Advantages of self-operation:

  • Any integration with existing systems and user account databases (AD) is facilitated.
  • For those companies that have operational competence and servers this is often a cost-effective alternative.

External operation (SaaS)

Let us manage the server operation for you. In this way you get quick and simple access to our solutions via Internet and a normal web browser. All operations are handled by our trusted service provider, on servers that are dedicated specifically to our solutions. The operating service always includes high broadband capacity, daily backups, uninterrupted power supply, a safe operating environment in a state of the art server room along with fast and skilled operation support.

Advantages of external operation:

  • Low costs to get started. Particular advantage for smaller companies.
  • Quick to get started, from a few days to a couple of weeks including training.
  • The organisation does not need its own personnel to manage operation.