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Process Modelling

To be able to develop the operation's processes we need to understand them! Read more about identification, modelling, implementation and communication regarding processes.

A major challenge during the introduction of a process approach within an organisation is to motivate and engage the employees to use the process models in their daily work and to support continuous process improvement. An important part of this work is therefore a tool for process modelling which makes it possible to model working methods and processes in a simple and standardised manner.

By drawing up processes, a better overview is created, which makes it easier for all employees to understand the business and its context. In addition, "invisible" processes and activities are made visible. Often when the business is described in this way, "Aha! experiences" are created that help to identify ineffective and complicated ways of working. It is also easy to get an overview of how different roles work together and how responsibility can be redistributed to improve efficiency.

The business case for process modelling

A tool for process modelling creates better understanding of a process approach among all employees and facilitates the introduction of process-oriented management, review and improvement of the business. At the same time the actual modelling of the processes is streamlined, and the tools help to create a unified way of working and a shared structure in all processes.

Other advantages with process modelling are:

  • Gives an overall perspective.
  • Puts the customer/user in focus.
  • Shows the expertise required.
  • Clarifies the shared goal.
  • Clarifies areas of responsibility.
  • Creates commitment and motivation among employees.
  • Facilitates change.
  • Increases effectiveness in the business - reduces errors, costs and lead times.
  • Makes it easier to follow up the goals of the business.

How does CANEA solve process modelling?

CANEA ONE is an integrated program family which includes solutions for managing business information such as goals, projects, documents, processes, cases and other data.

The CANEA Process module is a process modelling tool for:

  • Identification and documentation of processes.
  • Creating attention for processes.
  • Linking people together with processes.
  • Monitoring, analysing and improving processes.
  • Modelling in a uniform and standardised way (BPMN).

Read more about CANEA Process here.