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Management Systems

Management systems - headache or crowning glory? Read more about how our solutions create optimum conditions for a process-oriented, integrated and living management system.

It is not uncommon that an organisation's management system, which was perhaps introduced several years ago, does not entirely agree with the current strategy and way of working. In the worst case, the management system results only in a certificate on the wall and that a rash of "fire fighting" takes place before audits. If so, you are not obtaining the effects you would from a properly functioning management system, such as:

  • Support for employees in their daily work.
  • The creation of an internal and external customer focus.
  • Reduction of problems and internal friction, plus the elimination of wasted time.
  • Encouraging systematic improvement work.

Our view of management systems

A management system is one of the organisation's primary competitive advantages in a market where it is possible to obtain broadly similar resources. A correctly functioning strategy and effective working method, in other words a management system, distinguishes today's successful organisations.

There can be several reasons for why the management system has become a headache instead of a crowning glory: incorrectly implemented, delayed maintenance, not comprehensive enough, lacking a guiding thread or lack of support from the management.

IT - a success factor

One of the success factors for a properly functioning management system is IT support. Today management systems are often process-oriented, comprehensive and integrated with, for example, quality, environment and occupational health and safety systems and this makes high demands on support.

During the introduction of IT support, we always recommend a simultaneous review of the structure, content and organisation around the existing management system. There are several puzzle pieces that must be coordinated to give results.

IT support for a management system includes the following advantages:

  • More easily accessible: better agreement between the map and reality.
  • Easy to update: a living management system that is constantly improved.
  • Integrated system: simplifies management of integrated management systems.
  • Increased process and customer focus: clear and graphical work flow and processes.
  • Fulfils requirements on document management: from customers and standards such as ISO 9000.

What does CANEA offer in terms of IT support?

provides a fully integrated program family, CANEA ONE, which contains modules for the management of documents, cases, processes and projects.

The CANEA Document module is designed to support a process-oriented management system.

Learn more about our other modules: Project, Workflow and Process.