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Document Management

Document management - create order and clarity! Read more about searching, structuring and management of all types of business information and documentation.

Many organisations have different storage locations for handling shared documentation: folders, shared file servers, employee computers, different databases and intranet. Sometimes even the existing systems are perceived as complicated and not adapted to the needs of the business, which means that searching for information is made more considerably difficult and time-consuming.

There is insufficient time or resources to update the information and ensure that it is in the right place and directed at the right target group.

The business case for document management

According to the analysis firm Gartner, the average organisation has eleven copies of each document in the business. There is often significant potential for profitability in introducing a central, shared solution for document management which in addition reduces the costs for searching, administration and updating.

A well-functioning solution for document management can raise quality decisively in delivered products and services, both internally and externally. The structure created during this introduction lays the foundation stones for an effective way of guiding the business and facilitating management and improvement.

The solution for document management also provides the following advantages:

  • Easy to find information - rapid search and optimal application.
  • Controlled and secure management - guarantee referrals, access and format.
  • Easy to update - always updated content.
  • Fulfils requirements on document management - from customers and standards such as ISO 9000.

Experience related to document management

Our experience tells us that the most important aspect of a solution, so that document management should provide the maximum benefit, is the simplicity for all types of users, both occasional users and users with less well-developed computer skills. A normal user should not have to go through training to be able to use the system. A solution that is functional creates value if it is simple, intuitive and used by all employees!

Another important aspect is flexibility. A solution for document management that can handle all types of documents needs to have fully-developed flexibility to be able to satisfy different needs. Handling, searching, the referral flow and properties often vary according to whether it is the management system, project, product or marketing documentation.

Use areas

Example of application areas:

  • Integrated management system with
    - Process documentation
    - Instructions
    - Check lists
    - Templates
  • Handbooks and manuals
  • Documents describing the product
  • Marketing and sales materials
  • Contracts and tenders
  • Project documentation

How does CANEA ONE solve document management?

CANEA ONE is an integrated program family which includes solutions for managing business information such as goals, projects, documents, processes, cases and other data.

The CANEA Document module is designed to handle all types of documents and information in a life cycle perspective.

  • Easy to create new documents from templates.
  • Several search possibilities for different needs.
  • Quicker to update documents.
  • Graphical navigation for occasional users.
  • Built-in word processor.
  • Integration with MS Office.
  • Permission-controlled access.
  • Clear overview and structure.
  • Effective referral management.
  • Archiving and sorting.

Read more about CANEA Document here.