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Take the business to the next level.

Over 200 organizations use the CANEA ONE platform for their enterprise systems. Let us show you how.

Vitrolife’s experience using CANEA ONE: User-friendliness in focus

For companies in the MedTech industry having a highly functional quality management system is a must. When Vitrolife needed a new electronic quality management system, user friendliness and future proofing was of top priority. CANEA ONE was the system on the market that matched those priorities best.

Kinnarps long-term business development using CANEA Document

For over 20 years, the office furniture manufacturer Kinnarps has used CANEA ONE as a platform for its management system. As one of the largest providers of workplace solutions in Europe with operations in over 40 countries, a flexible and user-friendly system is required. With CANEA Document, the company ensures both that quality is maintained and that company working methods are improved to enable further development.

Fortum Recycling & Waste’s use of CANEA ONE: One system three countries

As a multinational company working within the waste management industry, Fortum Recycling & Waste needed a system for EHSQ-management that could digitize all their workflows and documentation while showing the right information in the right language to the right person. The answer to that need was CANEA ONE.

Coordination results in major gains for efficiency and finances

Quality and environmental initiatives at the Swedish Volvo and Renault stakeholder organizations were in need of improvement and the existing IT platform was out of date. “Had we not found a partner who could provide both an IT platform and training at the same time, our journey wouldn’t have been nearly as successful,” says Quality and Environmental Manager John Nolebring.

High requirements in the biotech industry led Repligen to choose CANEA ONE

The nature of the biotech industry put high requirements on what a quality management system needs to deliver. For the biotech company, Repligen, CANEA ONE was the system that met their specific needs.

AddSecure grows internationally with CANEA ONE

AddSecure contributes to a safer society by securing data and critical communications for its clients around the world. Operating in a fast paced market, the company saw the need for a quality management system to grow together with overtime – CANEA ONE was the system that met the needs.

CANEA ONE provides significant support for Trensums Food

Food manufacturer Trensums Food is in an expansive phase and the pressure on the production lines is considerable. At the same time, the requirements for quality and safety are high. CANEA ONE is an important tool for production – every day.

Verifiable system meets high regulatory requirements

Medical device company Nidacon needed a verifiable system for document management. CANEA ONE was one of few systems that lived up to their stringent requirements.

System support from CANEA meets the high demands of the airline BRA

BRA was founded in 2016 with the merger of thirteen different companies. Five different systems support were to be jettisoned for one new joint unit. After benchmarking against tailored support for the airline industry, the choice fell on CANEA ONE.

The ISO9001 auditor was actually impressed

NKT Photonics had help mapping, simplifying and standardizing the processes - and attained complete control of the documentation with CANEA ONE.

AC Floby supplies world-class automotive components

Automotive Components Floby has been manufacturing products for the automotive industry since 1957. Following changes to its ownership structure, the company needed to build up a new management system.

CANEA ONE makes E.ON’s daily work more efficient and cost beneficial

E.On Germany had a long history of buying customized solutions, which in the end has led to costly and time-consuming maintenance. Now, after implementing the project module of the IT-system CANEA ONE, E.ON finally has received the stable and ready to use tool they have been long looking for.

CANEA ONE boost business for Andreas Stihl Norden

Andreas Stihl Norden saw the need for an IT support system that would improve processes within and between the Nordic countries. The system they chose was CANEA ONE and its implementation has led to a new monitoring model and clarity of strategy and management right across the Nordic region.

Air Liquide streamlines its Nordic operations using CANEA ONE

Air Liquide needed to improve its control and coordination in the Nordic region by creating an integrated, user-friendly management system. Regulatory requirements in connection with demands for flexibility and ease of use meant the choice fell on CANEA ONE.

ABIGO expands with a complete CANEA ONE solution

Pharmaceutical company ABIGO needed to improve its document management with help from a complete, user-friendly IT support system. The preferred solution was CANEA ONE.

Borås Energy and Environment manages their entire business using CANEA ONE

More effective and common ways of working, increased customer focus and a clear direction towards the overall mission and strategies: Borås Energy and Environment ended up at a stage where they needed to develop a business system. After implementing CANEA ONE, Borås Energy and Environment now have a uniform system that supports the entire business with a clear path from strategy to operations.

Quick relaunch of Region Västra Götaland

With around 50,000 employees, Region Västra Götaland is one of Sweden’s largest employers. This means hundreds of different projects per year. Now the region has chosen CANEA Project as its project tool.

Kinnarps reorganises its IT support

Kinnarps needed to make projects visual for all stakeholders and so implemented CANEA Project – a complete solution for effective project and portfolio management.

Brogren Industries got a boost with new management system

Brogren Industries lacked control of its documents and needed to create order. CANEA Document was the solution, and it has worked so well that their partnership with CANEA has been expanded further.

Frösunda can focus on its customers

With the help of CANEA ONE, Frösunda created a management system based on SOSFS 2011:9, which meant that the business could focus on what is most important – providing customers with the very best care.

MTR stands out with maximum quality

MTR in Stockholm took over operation of underground traffic in 2009 and has for several years been using CANEA’s program range as support for its integrated business systems.

Absolute quality with CANEA Workflow

The Absolut Company uses CANEA Workflow in its factories in Åhus and Nöbbelöv. The system helps the business to achieve more effective management of requests, shorter lead times and a better overview of deviations in materials.

Göteborg Roro continues to find new uses for CANEA ONE

When Göteborg Roro changed owners in 2012 the terminal needed a new, more flexible case management system. After evaluating several options, their choice was CANEA Workflow.

Husqvarna aims for worldclass with CANEA Workflow

Husqvarna chose CANEA Workflow for case management after a comprehensive evaluation, they required a solution that could improve their collaboration with their large amount of suppliers.

LKAB sharpens their project management with CANEA ONE

LKAB has one of the most highly intensive and extensive project management activities where the largest project has a budget of 14 billion SEK. Due to the big amount of external project members (approx. 90 % of the total 2000 employees) and growing project volume, the need for a comprehensive project and portfolio management tool was essential.

SUEZ Recycling gets better result from waste with CANEA ONE

Since 2007, SUEZ Recycling has been using CANEA ONE to support its management system with great success. The system was chosen because it fulfilled all the requirements SUEZ Recycling set in terms of user-friendliness, availability and flexibility.

AkzoNobel creates operational excellence using CANEA

CANEA ONE fulfilled the tough demands on document- process- and workflow management set up by one of the world’s leading companies within paint, with well-known brands such as Nordsjö, Cuprinol and Sadolin.