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CANEA WorkflowCase management

A system that really gets case flows moving.

Take control of processes

Creating executable processes in CANEA Workflow gives you better management and control of the situation.
Streamlines work

Automates the procedure of processes and ensures that handover is done properly and with the right information

Make the right decision

Unbeatable overview of processes in real time, with transparent reports and charts.

Improve processes

Process support that is constantly being adapted to changing needs and requirements creates the optimal conditions for you

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Gather all the process – and run

CANEA Workflow automates, quality-assures and speeds up the organisation’s administrative case processes. With the powerful design tool, you can easily define and deploy processes according to your preferences. As all types of case processes are handled, you get all case management in one single system.

With analyses, statistics and reports, you get an unbeatable overview of case processes, real time status and responsibilities. Cases no longer fall between the cracks and you can always make the right decision.

Simple to configure

CANEA Workflow can easily be customised as your processes change over time. You can change all configurations, form layouts and rules for processes yourself, without needing help from IT or the supplier. And you can just as easily deploy new processes when necessary.

We use CANEA Workflow

Hundreds of organisations in many different industries have demonstrated trust in us. Read about some of our customers here.

Husqvarna aims for worldclass with CANEA Workflow

Husqvarna chose CANEA Workflow for case management after a comprehensive evaluation, they required a solution that could improve their collaboration with their large amount of suppliers.

Göteborg Roro continues to find new uses for CANEA ONE

When Göteborg Roro changed owners in 2012 the terminal needed a new, more flexible case management system. After evaluating several options, their choice was CANEA Workflow.

Absolute quality with CANEA Workflow

The Absolut Company uses CANEA Workflow in its factories in Åhus and Nöbbelöv. The system helps the business to achieve more effective management of requests, shorter lead times and a better overview of deviations in materials.


Functionality for all types of case management and work flow. Simple reporting, clear overview and good analysis tools create effective work flows.

Report easily

Catch and start case processes by making it easy for everyone to create cases using electronic forms. Facilitate reporting, for example through the intranet or the public website. Cases can also be reported via mobile app.

Involve everybody

Integrate your suppliers, customers and partners in your business processes. CANEA Workflow makes it possible to interact with everyone in the work flow in a more automated fashion instead of, for example, sending e-mails back and forth, which then must be handled manually.

Cooperation and sharing information

The system enables cooperation via the social stream in which stakeholders can carry on a dialogue regarding the case directly in the system. From the stream, you can also communicate with external parties, such as customers or suppliers via the smart e-mail solution. All dialogue around a case in the stream is stored together with the case.

Get an overview of the processes

Using the dynamic and graphic views, it is easy to get an overview of the process in real time and all cases. Views can be created, for example, for prioritised, my ongoing, alerted and closed cases, entirely according to your wishes. Set groups, sorting, filtering and categories. Overviews can be public or private for the user.

Generate statistics

Using the interactive and visual analysis engine, you can follow up on activities and processes in real time in a very efficient manner. Generate statistics and follow up on the process lead times, costs, and other KPIs directly in the system. The analysis tool allows you to create diagrams flexibly and generate reports as you require.

Cases in mobile devices

Make it even easier for all employees to work with cases and follow status. Through the mobile app, you can easily report new cases (including images from the mobile cameras), get an overview of cases in progress and discuss cases. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS (iPhone).

Traceability and history

All actions are traceable in the system and important events in the cases are logged with the date and time stamp, together with who carried them out. This allows you to keep a good check on what has happened historically. Each case has a log with history where it is simple to follow all changes made in chronological order, right down to field level.

Choose your own settings

The system can be configured directly in your web browser with the help of the easy-to-navigate design. Form layout, settings, flows, business logic and rules are set up to suit your wishes and the design of the current process. This requires no IT skills and can be managed directly by the business.

Link documents

Documents and other files that are part of the respective cases can be linked to the cases in the system. Documents are attached using simple drag-and-drop. The files can be managed with support for versioning, rights management and online viewing.

If something is delayed

CANEA Workflow alerts you if a case has been waiting for too long or if the action date has passed. Set limits for lead times for the different steps in the case flow and get reminders via e-mail or an alarm via SMS (additional service).

It’s good that the system is so configurable. We can adapt it easily ourselves to match our processes, its phases, forms and rules, but also follow-up functions, such as views and e-mail notifications. As we launch new processes, we can understand to what extent we can use it for new applications.

Kajsa Asker, HSEQ Manager, Göteborg Roro


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