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Ensure that the map corresponds with reality

CANEA Process makes it easy to keep the business process descriptions available and up to date.
Seeing is understanding

Visualisation creates an understanding of the organisation’s processes, activities, responsibilities and information flows among all employees.

Living processes

Identifying working methods while making it easy to update is the basis for continuous improvement of the processes.

Create a complete picture

Linking together documents, databases and tools with clickable processes creates an intuitive complete picture.

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View and share processes

CANEA Process allows you to model and share business processes in an easy-to-use graphical web interface. Linking together the whole, process structures and attached documents to the processes creates graphical navigation for everyone to read and interact with.

Easy to keep the processes live

CANEA Process is designed so that occasional users can quickly and easily make changes to the process maps. An intuitive interface makes it easy to keep the process live and relevant.

We use CANEA Process

Hundreds of organisations in many different industries have demonstrated trust in us. Read about some of our customers here.

CANEA ONE provides significant support for Trensums Food

Food manufacturer Trensums Food is in an expansive phase and the pressure on the production lines is considerable. At the same time, the requirements for quality and safety are high. CANEA ONE is an important tool for production – every day.

Brogren Industries got a boost with new management system

Brogren Industries lacked control of its documents and needed to create order. CANEA Document was the solution, and it has worked so well that their partnership with CANEA has been expanded further.

SUEZ Recycling gets better result from waste with CANEA ONE

Since 2007, SUEZ Recycling has been using CANEA ONE to support its management system with great success. The system was chosen because it fulfilled all the requirements SUEZ Recycling set in terms of user-friendliness, availability and flexibility.


Web-based and smart solution for process modelling that is perfect for the mapping of business processes.

Modelling processes

CANEA Process allows you to create process models in a very easy way. Functions for express modelling, in combination with drag-and-drop functions mean that you can create ready-to-use models with a couple of clicks of a button.

Link to the whole

Create dynamic links between processes to construct a hierarchical and clickable structure with a main process, sub-processes and activity schedule. It is easy to link to documents, views and other information directly from the models.

Publish information

All process models are version managed, follow specific referral flows and are published when they are complete. Nominate a process manager and link other searchable properties to the process models. It is possible for authorised users to study earlier versions and process history.

Create a complete picture

The system displays every process and sub-process in a dashboard where employees get an overview of the process, associated documents and cases, as well as the ongoing dialogue in the social stream. The navigator creates structure and makes it easy to find your way around the process hierarchy.

Optional symbols

Create user-defined icon libraries as needed, such as Value Stream Mapping or more Lean-centric models. Administer the libraries direct from the web browser. It is also possible to create clickable organisation charts, factory layouts or other graphical objects as required.

BPMN support

BPMN is an international notation system from OMG for graphical description of different stages, sequences and information in a process. Process has built-in support for symbols and logic as described in this notation.

Export processes

Export process models from the system. Functions for export to different image formats and XLM for import to other systems.

Unfortunately, we were in a position where the map and reality no longer matched. Working methods had been developed in the business, but the documented working method and process descriptions were not included and were unfamiliar to many of the employees. We therefore needed both to review the contents of the management system and make it easier for future use with more efficient IT support. The choice was for CANEA!

Stina Enesjö, Business Excellence Manager, AkzoNobel Decorative Coating


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