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Transportation and Logistics

Build the foundation for tomorrow’s logistics into the management system

The entire transportation and logistics industry is undergoing change. Business models are developing, e-commerce is burgeoning and there are rising customer demands for efficient transportation and delivery. At the same time, sustainability and climate are important issues for every operator in the industry. A well-functioning management system creates conditions that enable you to offer tomorrow’s competitive logistics solutions.

CANEA ONE helps you simplify day-to-day business through effective document, process and case management. Gain full control of claims or governing documents by configuring the system to suit your needs. Individual employees find the system easy to use as it can be set up so they only see the processes central to their individual roles.

Digitize your processes

It takes flexibility to achieve well-functioning processes in an IT system; it must be possible to constantly adapt and change business flows. CANEA Workflow lets you freely control flows according to your needs. In the transportation and logistics industry, case-flow improvements in claims, deviations, audits and risks are often particularly important.

Constant improvements

CANEA ONE makes it easy to break down your cases for follow-up. The system case view can be set to show precisely the information that is important to you. There is also an integrated analysis engine where metadata from all cases can be analyzed in graphs or export templates. The analysis engine is easy to configure and modify and can be located on dashboards for complete control of your processes in real time.

Customized, proven support

CANEA ONE provides easy-to-use, complete support to meet the needs of the logistics and transportation industry. Includes flexible functions for handling local and global claims and deviations. Today, CANEA helps companies in every transportation sector, be it road, rail, sea or air.

Our economies and day-to-day lives depend on the efficient movement of goods and people in constant transportation and logistics chains. Today, organizations that operate in these chains are under increased pressure to provide greater cost effectiveness, transparency and sustainability.


Every segment in the Swedish logistics and transportation market faces major challenges in terms of climate and environmental issues. Customers set high standards for eco-friendly transportation options, which in turn requires companies to have well-functioning processes in a quality-assured management system. Also, certification is increasingly important for conducting qualitative improvements and demonstrating an awareness of customer requirements.

Another challenge faced by companies in the transportation and logistics industry is the growing proportion of e-commerce. These days, private individuals set high standards for timeliness and quality, and dissatisfaction is often directed at logistics companies when expectations are not met. This means transportation companies have to wrestle with an increasing stream of complaints regarding delays, damaged goods or poor communication. Smooth, efficient case management is the be-all and end-all of meeting the challenge.

The CANEA solution

A business-driven management system is not only essential for the efficient running of a business, but also for its improvement. Instead of a conventional, requirements-driven approach to management systems, CANEA ONE provides a more business-driven platform where the focus is on employees, working methods and constant improvement. It provides complete digital business support for the integrated management of strategic planning and operations. The system is ideal for the transportation and logistics industry thanks to flexible solutions for the management of claims, deviations and documentation.

CANEA ONE is designed to be up and running quickly, user-friendly and easy to maintain. Among other things, the system comes complete with integrated functions for managing strategies, projects, processes, cases and documentation. All parts of the system can be configured to match your processes and are easily modified as your business changes. This provides an unbeatable overview of how your processes look today, how things are progressing, and what needs to change to improve your organization.

We have been working with our customers for more than 20 years and have successfully implemented hundreds of CANEA ONE projects.


CANEA ONE is used by many in the Transportation and Logistics industry.

System support from CANEA meets the high demands of the airline BRA

BRA was founded in 2016 with the merger of thirteen different companies. Five different systems support were to be jettisoned for one new joint unit. After benchmarking against tailored support for the airline industry, the choice fell on CANEA ONE.

MTR stands out with maximum quality

MTR in Stockholm took over operation of underground traffic in 2009 and has for several years been using CANEA’s program range as support for its integrated business systems.


Complete digital business support for the integrated management of strategic planning and operations.

Document management

Full control and efficient handling of all governing documents, such as procedures, checklists, forms, policies and templates, are enormously important for meeting industry requirements for accessible information. CANEA ONE provides efficient document management in a life cycle perspective with full control over document type referral flows, roles and custom metadata. It also has good searchability, traceability and the means for setting up authorizations and access. Employees only see the documents they are authorized to see, and always in the correct versions.

Audit management

Working with digital requirements lists and checklists makes audits easier. CANEA ONE allows you to create and tailor digital checklists to your company’s needs and requirements. This enables you to safely and easily ensure compliance with company rules and legal requirements. It is also possible to connect deviation and claims management as well as suggested improvements for audit management. This allows you to work efficiently with constant improvements with full control over who is responsible for each action and the completion date.

Process modeling

By mapping and describing processes, a picture emerges showing “the way” things are done, where improvements are feasible, and where there is a need for collaboration. Using the system, it’s easy to model, communicate and make processes clickable in hierarchies to help everyone understand. This gives employees insights into how to act at different stages of the process. The simplicity of the process tool makes it easy to update processes, metering and control. You can also link to documents and document views to help employees more easily access the right document versions.

Cases and claims management

Digitizing and creating executable processes provide for much better situational management and control. Create customized incident and claims flows that automate the workflow and make sure hand-overs are performed correctly and with the right information. It is also possible to create integrations that send e.g. claims from external websites directly to the case management system in CANEA ONE.

Mobile access

In an industry where multiple employees work out in the field, mobile access is particularly important. Employees must access documents and checklists no matter if they are at a computer or connected by mobile device only. CANEA ONE provides easy, mobile access to the right documents at the right time.

I knew right from the outset what I wanted from the system and what needed to be reported. But in the beginning, I didn’t know the precise end result I wanted. It’s a great feeling, knowing that the system is so configurable. We can easily configure it to our processes and their phases; for forms and regulations, and also for follow-up functions such as views and email notifications. Some system advantages have only become apparent since the introduction, and as we go on learning the system, we understand the extent to which we can use it.

Kajsa Asker, HSEQ Manager/PFSO, Gothenburg RoRo, DFDS Group

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