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Efficiency and the ability to improve are the key to profitability

We create the conditions for efficient, systematic improvements for increased profitability through digitization, training and proven methodology.
Streamlining through digitization

We offer complete digital business support for the integrated management of strategic planning and operations for tomorrow’s manufacturing industries. This leads to increased competitiveness, lower quality deficiency costs, better control and less time spent on activities that do not create value.

Day-to-day support

Because the key to a well-functioning management system is for all employees throughout the organization to have the confidence and skills to perform and develop their tasks, we have created a management system that is intuitive and easy to work with. It also supports legislation and regulations and includes all departments throughout the manufacturing value chain.

Constant improvements

Together with companies in the manufacturing industry, we have created efficient management systems and working methods with systematic improvements. By using the right combination of methodology, skills and tools, changes are long-lasting and the results measurable. We make it easy to measure, monitor and improve processes, record deviations and implement audits in a structured manner using processes and tools such as: customer claims, supplier claims, internal audits, suggested improvements, process mapping / surveying, 8D, PDCA, and DMAIC.

An end-to-end quality assurance solution

CANEA ONE offers a digital end-to-end solution tailored to the needs of the manufacturing industry. A company is well equipped to meet increasing demands and competition in the marketplace with properly integrated support for core tools and quality management processes such as: PPAP, APQP, FMEA, LPA, SPC and MSA.

The industrial manufacture of products and components is the foundation of Swedish exports, historically very successful and an essential condition for the country’s growth. A high degree of innovation and finely tuned productivity are two compelling reasons for our international success.


Swedish manufacturing industry has successfully developed customer offerings that include an increased service content linked to traditional products, e.g. in the form of service, support and development. Offerings not only become more rounded, but also increase a company’s differentiation abilities, while broadening and deepening the customer/supplier interface. This is strategically crucial in a business environment with fierce competition, higher quality demands and often with an increased degree of complexity within the supply chain. Internationalization constantly shifts shape and no longer follows any given templates. This places higher demands on companies to find their optimal means of reaching out to the world with the ability to constantly adjust its operation.

The CANEA solution

CANEA ONE is the result of 20 years’ experience of management systems; it is designed to be up and running quickly, user-friendly and easy to maintain. Among other things, the system comes complete with integrated functions for managing strategies, projects, processes, cases and documentation. In other words, efficient business management.

CANEA has worked with the manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, successfully delivering and implementing more than 300 CANEA ONE projects, the majority of which were in the manufacturing industry.


CANEA ONE is used by many well-established companies in the manufacturing industry.

CANEA ONE boost business for Andreas Stihl Norden

Andreas Stihl Norden saw the need for an IT support system that would improve processes within and between the Nordic countries. The system they chose was CANEA ONE and its implementation has led to a new monitoring model and clarity of strategy and management right across the Nordic region.

AC Floby supplies world-class automotive components

Automotive Components Floby has been manufacturing products for the automotive industry since 1957. Following changes to its ownership structure, the company needed to build up a new management system.


Complete digital business support for the integrated management of strategic planning and operations.

Management systems

For an organization to be successful, it is essential that all employees feel confident and able to perform and develop their assignments. They must therefore see their roles as part of the whole, be familiar with the organization’s working methods and understand the results they must achieve. To maintain good quality, IT support is essential for ease of access and the efficient management of all governing documents such as procedures, checklists, forms, policies and templates.

Project and portfolio management

The project tool enables control of all your customer and development projects and makes it easy to see progress, resources and prioritize between all projects in the operation. The project tool is a prerequisite for a standardized project working method such as APQP in the operation with intelligent functionality for managing project models, gates, templates and decisions. By sharing information, documents and plans where everything is updated, structured and accessible in a single place makes it easy to communicate and involve external contractors in a project. Easy to meet IATF requirements.

Process modeling

By mapping and describing processes, a picture emerges showing “the way” things are done, where improvements are feasible, and where there is a need for collaboration with others. Using the system, it’s easy to model, communicate and make processes clickable in hierarchies to help everyone can understand. The simplicity of the process tool makes it easy to update processes, metering and control.

Measuring processes

Today, the industry is highly competitive. It is essential to maintain full control at all times, to know how processes are performing and where to deploy resources on improvement and streamlining work. It is necessary to have an overall plan and a clear goal for what you want the processes to achieve. A standardized working method and a fixed benchmark are essential for measuring processes. CANEA ONE now has the ability to configure and manage goals and clearly measure and visualize how process goals should be met directly in the process maps. This provides clarity for everyone involved in a process and makes root cause analysis easier and aids decisions on appropriate operational actions.

Case management

Digitizing and creating executable processes provide for better situational management and control. Process support that is constantly adapted to changing needs and requirements provides you with optimal conditions. Automates the process workflow and ensures that hand-overs are performed correctly and with the right information. Unbeatable real-time process overview, with transparent reports and graphs. All in all, this forms the basis for effective improvements and acts as a tool for involving your suppliers and customers in your processes.

Strategic planning

CANEA ONE supports the manufacturing industry with strategic planning. By unique means, strategy is linked to operations through initiatives, activities, processes and working methods. This creates a common thread from the strategic to the tactical and operational levels. Using the tool to digitize the entire control model by creating and designing in detail a digital version of the strategy including vision, long-term goals and associated balanced scorecards with KPIs and metrics for employees, process owners and management.

CANEA Workflow is a flexible, broad, front-line case management system. CANEA has an aggressive development plan that we have influenced to a certain degree. In general, the link between case management, document management and the project tool in CANEA ONE is excellent!

Jonas Wallman, Global Improvement Agent, Husqvarna

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