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Ensure quality and food safety with industry-specific management systems

The needs of today’s aware consumers, combined with the industry’s requirements for quality and food safety, demand high standards of food industry operators. Whether you work in the field of raw material processing in industry, logistics, wholesale or retail, you have to comply with regulations and standards, and work for constant improvement. CANEA ONE is the platform to help you meet requirements while providing support for active quality assurance in the food sector.
Management systems based on food industry standards

CANEA ONE is designed to simplify and streamline operations in compliance with industry standards such as BRC, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000.

A platform for systematic quality assurance

CANEA ONE provides powerful support for food safety and systematic quality assurance, e.g. based on principles such as HACCP. It creates the conditions for a dynamic management system in which all employees feel involved.

Less complexity, greater user-friendliness

CANEA ONE gathers all information on to a single platform and presents it based on the individual employee’s role in the operation.

Common thread from strategy to daily operations

CANEA ONE includes fully flexible modules that together create the means for a fully integrated system covering everything from strategic planning to day-to-day operations in which every part is interlinked.


CANEA ONE is used by many established companies in the food industry.

Absolute quality with CANEA Workflow

The Absolut Company uses CANEA Workflow in its factories in Åhus and Nöbbelöv. The system helps the business to achieve more effective management of requests, shorter lead times and a better overview of deviations in materials.

CANEA ONE provides significant support for Trensums Food

Food manufacturer Trensums Food is in an expansive phase and the pressure on the production lines is considerable. At the same time, the requirements for quality and safety are high. CANEA ONE is an important tool for production – every day.


Complete digital support for the management of strategic planning and operations adapted to industry-specific requirements.

Role-based system

CANEA ONE shows relevant information based on the user’s role in the organization, which makes it extremely useful for the individual employee.

Executable processes

Create executable processes in CANEA ONE, such as self-monitoring, deviations, claims and risk analyses (e.g. in compliance with HACCP) for more efficient case handling, better monitoring, statistics and reporting, and for constant improvements.


CANEA ONE not only makes it easier to find the right information at the right time, but also easier to reach out with important information to the right target group and by means of read receipts and tests, verify that the message has reached the target.

Work process oriented

The ability to create a fully flexible process-oriented management system with clickable process maps and quality-assured life cycle management for governing documents, such as procedures, checklists and policies.


CANEA’s mobile application lets you report activities and access their important documents directly from a smartphone or tablet.

Complete solution – one platform

CANEA’s modules enable the creation of a dynamic, efficient management system that weaves a common thread all the way from strategy to operations.

To obtain structured statistics, for example regarding deviations in materials from suppliers is a very important area for us, and now CANEA Improof has become a powerful tool for improvement work and experience feedback in the business.

Magnus Nilsson, IT-Manager, The Absolut Company

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