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CANEA ONE increases its presence in Asia

We are happy to announce two new partners to the CANEA ONE partner network. With the addition of PMV Management Consulting and Lombo IT consulting we now have the ability to further aid customers in Asia together with already existing partners. Lombo, PMV

The partner network for CANEA ONE continues to grow and with two more partners joining the network in Asia we are excited for the coming collaborations. In an expanding market the opportunity to provide more customers with the right tools to manage their business management and catch market trends is of great importance to create operational excellence. With our new partners PMV Management Consulting in India and Lombo IT consulting in Sri Lanka we hope to continue doing just that and develop organizations to reach their goals.

PMV Management Consulting in India is a growing professional consulting firm which offers training, advisory services and technology solutions focused on Business Excellence, Project Management and Performance Improvement. With global best practices they enable clients to improve their business competitiveness, achieve better results and ROI by strategically leveraging IT and process improvements.

Lombo IT consulting in Sri Lanka helps to convey skilled IT consultants. They work remotely and are not limited to any country, with consultants specialized in several fields from Graphic and Interior design software to Java programming and AI. Furthermore, they provide management consultants within quality and change management for larger businesses.

Welcoming two new partners into the network at this point in time enables us to provide even more organizations around the world with the benefits of the CANEA ONE platform, but also to be even closer to our customers catching market trends on the local markets to provide the best possible support for our customers.

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