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CANEA ONE featured in Gartner’s report - Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a DTO

Once again, CANEA ONE is featured in Gartner’s research. This time in their report Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a Digital Twin of the Organization (DTO), published in July, 2018.

As the concept of Digital Twins and Business Operating Systems (BOS) are emerging and the hype is growing, it is indeed a validation of CANEA ONE not only being on the right track but one of the driving forces.

In their report, Gartner concludes: “As digital business and digital business transformation have become major themes, these digital business initiatives drive the growth in business users' awareness of the benefits of analyzing and understanding these initiatives within a broader enterprise context. You will need a model to map your journey, guide you in planning how to execute the chosen digital business strategy and ensure you achieve your targeted business outcomes.”

Gartner continues: “CANEA brings together a comprehensive solution that offers native integration among strategy, project and portfolio, workflow, process and document management. CANEA aims to ensure that all aspects of the strategy can easily be visualized and clarified on all levels in the organization, and that all initiatives and activities are aligned with the strategy.”

About “DTO”
Gartner compares a DTO to a navigation system or GPS. Like an in-vehicle GPS, it can guide your organization to its desired destination (the to-be state) using five elements:

  • Destination: Information about your desired destination and when you would like to arrive there.
  • Map: A guide showing how to reach that destination - your organization's GPS will only be as good as its map database.
  • Performance: An indication of how far along you are on your journey.
  • Situation: Situational awareness; organizational awareness of roadblocks and challenges on the road ahead.
  • Decision: Enables informed decision making by giving you accurate information on your organization's progress and situation.

Translating these GPS constituents into an organizational or a business environment, we arrive at the five building blocks of a DTO:

  • Destination: Digital optimization, optimized business operations, improved business model or digital business transformation (new business models).
  • Map: Digitalized business operating model (shows how externally focused customer-driven interactions align with internally focused business operations delivering stakeholder value).
  • Performance: Business performance management framework (to align diverse measurement schemes through the model).
  • Situation: Business operations intelligence (to provide the model with real-time data).
  • Value: Business decisions and actions that create value for the different stakeholders (internal/ external) of the organization.

If you would like to know more about or discuss Gartner’s findings in more detail and how this can improve your business performance and help your organization in the digital world, please contact us. You can read the full report if you have a Gartner Account here.

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