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MTR stands out with maximum quality

MTR in Stockholm took over operation of underground traffic in 2009 and has for several years been using CANEA’s program range as support for its integrated business systems.

The result is better control and availability of information, leading to improved quality, fewer problems and substantially reduced administrative costs. MTR recently received the Swedish Quality award for its established culture of improvement. The next step is to further implement the system for MTR Express and the start-up investment in high-speed trains between Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Use and benefit

With 3,000 employees, MTR needed a system to coordinate and control the joint working methods and to share information in a simple and smart way. Following an evaluation of the systems on the market, the company chose CANEA ONE – partly because it is easy to use but also because it can handle documents, projects, processes and cases fully integrated into a single system.

“Case management is used for a number of things, including new appointments, which involves several departments. Once a new contract is signed, the next administrator automatically knows exactly what needs to be ordered in the form of, for example, computers and phones. Automating all cases in the system saves us around 90 % of administration time,” says Marie Hagberg, Quality and Environment Director at MTR Stockholm.

MTR also uses CANEA ONE in projects. They use two different project models, and with the help of CANEA Project, both the work and who has access to project information is quality-assured, leading to better governance in the projects. “It is easy to find the necessary documents and templates now. The senior management team and other stakeholders can see the status of various projects. Now we can follow the entire project process step by step and be sure that nothing is missed or skipped,” explains Marie.

The “Swedish Quality” award

In early 2015, MTR Stockholm was given the prestigious “Swedish Quality” award by SIQ. In just five years, the company has managed to live up to the high demands on both operational and quality work. In its explanation for the award, the jury said that MTR “has achieved in just a short time a well-establishment culture of improvement that permeates the entire company”. Marie Hagberg says that CANEA ONE has been part of this, as the tool helped create much better management of both documents and cases. It is now easier to direct the right information to the right person.

“With the help of the document management system, all processes and documents are now readily available to all employees, and it is always the latest valid version. CANEA ONE has brought order to all our procedures and checklists. Without an efficient document management system, we would never have succeeded so quickly, even if other internal factors also contributed significantly to the award,” says Marie.

The future

In March 2015, MTR express will start competing with SJ on the train line between Stockholm and Gothenburg. As a result, our contract has been expanded to MTR Nordic, and everyone working on the trains will have direct access to MTR Nordic’s joint management system with the help of CANEA ONE. MTR Express, using an iPad app, will use CANEA ONE to access the processes and documents needed onboard the trains. With CANEA, information will be easily available, easy to find and it is always up to date.

“With 1800 people on moving services, we hope to be able to use CANEA ONE more in mobile applications in the future. Using case flows, we can also see that our administrative processes will be shorter. The simplicity of CANEA involves less frustration and we will now have even more time for leadership and development instead,” concludes Marie.

About MTR
MTR is one of the world’s largest train companies. They are represented in Asia, Australia and Europe, with headquarters in Hong Kong. In 2014, the group had a turnover of around MSEK 48, and made a profit before tax of approximately MSEK 14.

The simplicity of CANEA involves less frustration and we will now have even more time for leadership and development instead,

Marie Hagberg, Quality and Environment Director, MTR

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